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Naturally, RHEINZINK is ecological - You are building with Nature!

RHEINZINK Titanium Zinc is a natural material which consists of 99% special high-grade zinc and precisely defined additives of titanium and copper. This natural material is exceptionally environmentally friendly, requires no maintenance and sets standards with a service life of several generations.

RHEINZINK satisfies the stringent requirements for sustainable building, as required by the IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt) Environmental Product Declaration, based on the newest EN (European Standard) 15804 and ISO 14025, Type III. The ISO 14025, Type III Environmental Declarations are issued on the basis of criteria developed with the help of independent third parties and are also reviewed by an independent advisory board. They are therefore ideal when making an objective comparison between building products, in terms of their environmental impact. They provide a systematic and standardised basis for data to produce an ecological assessment of a building in the "modular construction system" using declarations for individual building products.

A life cycle analysis takes into account the entire life of the building, starting from the construction phase, usage of the building, including any possible conversions, through to possible demolition and disposal. All contributions that are made by the building products for energy efficiency or other aspects of sustainable building management are included in this analysis. Consequently, the Environmental Product Declarations make an enormous contribution to the development of the environmentally healthy and friendly construction process. Due to the evaluation of its complete life cycle the IBU declared RHEINZINK Titanium Zinc an environmentally friendly building product. It is recommended for use anywhere in construction where durable and sustainable long-term solutions are required. RHEINZINK material is environmentally excellent, due to its characteristics as documented in the Environmental Product Declaration.

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