Roof Drainage System

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Roof Drainage

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  • A wide range of roof drainage product lines from a single source

  • Excellent quality and reliability

  • Innovative and compliant with relevant standards

  • Economical and maintenance free Natural material

  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art production technology

  • RHEINZINK QUALITY ZINC 30-year system warranty

RHEINZINK - The Quality Mark for Roof Drainage

RHEINZINK roof drainage systems come in a wide range of products and  applications. They include half-round and box-shaped gutters, rainwater downpipes, numerous special shapes with standard dimensions and fittings to go with them. With a range of approximately 500 items the RHEINZINK roof drainage programme offers customers a perfectly coordinated selection of products, for all situations. Whether bright-rolled, "preweathered pro blue-grey" or "preweathered pro slate grey", all finished, parts and customised items are made of the same high-quality material. Above all, the formation of a natural patina / protective layer, ensures that RHEINZINK roof drainage systems will remain functional for decades and maintenance free.

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